Case Studies

Newspaper/Radio/Online Advertising Group

Sales Management & Training

BACKGROUND: The client had profitability and training challenges. These were caused by

    • a group structure consisting of 5 sales teams in 4 different locations
    • very varied experience levels and training standards
    • Revenue and sales metrics managed using different metrics with each of the  teams.
We were briefed to assess the teams, devise, report and implement an integrated sales management and training plan which would fix the under performance and drive revenue growth across the group and all 5 sales teams. RESULT: Revenue growth of 11% was achieved in a 4 month period alongside standardised performance management metrics.


Commercial Property Agent Lead Generation Campaign

Commercial Estate Agents – Development of new vertical market

BACKGROUND: The client,  a commercial property agent had entered a new vertical market around 12 months previously. Whilst some success had been achieved, they were finding it difficult to generate new leads and get word out that they were a challenger and substantial presence in this market. Our brief was to target specific geographic areas and types of business within this market to generate new leads via booked meetings. RESULT: Generated 15 targeted meetings per month for a period of 24 months and generated in excess of £1.8M of new business



Some Comments:

"...The training has been an excellent refresher on the basics of sales all the way up becoming a professional salesperson.  I have taken away some key areas for improvement for example the importance of an executive summary in our bid documents, how to approach different type of buyer profiles.  We will also be sharing key learnings with our other new sales team members who have just recently joined the business..."

Kieron was brilliant really knowledgeable and helped tailor responses for each different organisation.

This training has encouraged me to think more about the preparation stage of the sales cycle, which will help to make a better first impression with a new customer.

This course would have been even more successful if it was in a room – face to face – as it would have been a better environment to encourage group discussion which is difficult to achieve online.  Of course, logistics and different regulations may have restricted this.  I think there should be more weekly "homework" as the couple of times this happened, it proved to allow more specific examples which helped individuals and, again, if this was in a room, it would have been a great conversation piece to ask others if they have similar challenge or experience overcoming it. 

Although the training was very comprehensive if there was more "homework" that we could relate to the course i think it would be highly beneficial.

Overall, all really pleased with the training and lessons learned to enhance sales technique. Will recommend to others. 

The training was delivered brilliant and covered the key areas I was interested in throughout the sales process.  The six weeklong programme was the perfect amount of the time to deliver this, and all the content was relevant, engaging and included specific examples relatable to our roles/industry. 

An excellent course well-constructed and handled using the difficult medium of a zoom call. 

The course was highly informative and gave a different perspective of thinking about the sales process, Kieron made it a very fun and memorable experience.

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Training Course Delegate Comments

April 2022

Feedback from Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce B2B Sales Training Course

  • 87% respondents said that the training met their objectives
  • 93% respondents rated the training session as excellent
  • 83% respondents identified new ways of working within their business
  • 17% respondents made new contacts useful to their business
  • 100% respondents would recommend this training to a colleague
  • 100% respondents felt training will increase confidence in their sales role

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Training Course Delegates

April 2022

Kieron is an energetic, enthusiastic business man, who takes time to understand your true needs, he is fantastic at identifying key issues in sometimes complex situations and generating practical innovative solutions while remaining commercially focused.

Stephen Parry

December 9, 2006, Stephen worked with Kieron but at different companies

Engaging Kieron's knowledge, experience and passion for success has enabled my team's customer facing issue exposure to reduce to escalated resolution requirement only.

Simon Webb

May 15, 2008, Simon was a client of Kieron’s

Kieron demonstrates a huge passion for his business which is re-inforced consistently by his management team, who are a unique and exceptionally talented group of people, with a love for life and their employees.

Kathleen O'Loughlin

January 25, 2009, Kathleen worked with Kieron in different groups

Interim Selling Solutions has made a huge difference to our team and business development and has generated very significant amounts of new business and instructions. Interim Selling Solutions has also helped us identify improvements to our business processes, implemented those improvements and ensured all relevant personnel are fully trained and empowered to move the business in the right direction. Interim Selling Solutions has become a vital part of Eddisons sales growth.

Ian Harrington National Head - Building & Project Consultancy Eddisons

19th September 2017

Kieron oversaw the production of web and hard copy promotional material for my firm. Kieron was a pro-active and interested project manager throughout, and was supported by a team of imaginative and responsive designers.

David Jamison

December 5, 2006, David was a client of Kieron’s