"Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it." - Charles Swindoll

Sales Training

Interim Selling Solutions gives “real world” training, on the job, listening to direct sales calls, and attending sales appointments. Not sterile classrooms. 

Sir John Harvey Jones, commented: “In my experience, it is extremely difficult to teach grown ups anything. It is, however, relatively easy to create conditions under which they will teach themselves.” 

This is “bespoke training”, designed for you and your company’s needs. Not out of a box. Sales skills development can take many forms, including formal and informal mentoring, sales coaching by managers, and/or classroom training, distanced or e-learning, and other kinds of training.


The best way to learn something well is to teach it to others, mentoring programs offer organisations a win-win proposition: in addition to enhancing the skills and performance of the salespeople, they help mentors develop their sales skills while improving their coaching and management skills as well.


The challenge for Sales Leaders is to provide the support that sales managers – all of whom are hard-pressed for time – need to provide the kind of support their salespeople must have.

Behaviour Change

Training is not our focus. Behaviour change is. Successful Sales Leaders have found a range of supporting tools, resources, and kits that save managers’ time and enhance the impact of their coaching time.