How is email selling working for you?

Salespeople and sales directors and managers, AKA sales leaders, by the way, I really dislike this term as very few of them I have ever met actually are leaders, most of them couldn’t run a bath; digressing for a moment, I have often found there is an inverse relationship between those who use this terminology and their effectiveness i.e. up there with “all the gear no idea” Anyway, back to the point, sales leaders are being sold on the idea that “automation” and tech will improve closing and revenue results.

Email Marketing

Most of the email tools start with a promise that they will be easy to use, friction-free, time-shifting and most incorrectly offer the right medium for sales conversations. They offer a world where sales (AKA deals – apply your own jargon here) can be sold and won without face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

Email marketing largely does not work. There, I have said it. Waits for massive disagreement to begin. 

Controlling the process calling selling to people requires you to, you have guessed it, talk to people about the real next steps necessary for producing the results they want and need. How radical is that?

Meeting other humans

All of us have to request these events called meetings and to do that you need to be an assertive ambassador.

The assertive bit means persistently and energetically arguing that you want the opportunity to show what you offer will solve the clients problem. Obviously qualified properly throughout this. 

The ambassador bit means having that conversation in a way that doesn’t increase the resistance on your dream prospect’s part and instead, reducing it to the point you gain agreement to the next meeting.

If your prospect isn’t going to agree to meet you, why would you believe they are going to buy from you?

If your prospect won’t commit to going through the process you and they know is ultimately necessary, what makes you believe they are going to sign a contract and start sending you money?

Try doing that on social or by email? You wont. Beat that with a stick.


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